Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Floor Ceramics

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Floor Ceramics

Ceramics have changed the appearance of our homes a lot. The motifs, colors, sizes and shapes offered are increasingly diverse at relatively affordable prices. The various facilities offered are what make it easier for home owners to be creative with their homes, as long as they are suitable in choosing the right type of floor tile.

Excellence Ceramics

  • 1. Has a flat shape, making it easier to install and unload. There are ceramics with square and rectangular shapes. We can also make circular, diagonal, triangular, trapezoidal and even other shapes by cutting the ceramic using a grinder.

The sizes of ceramics on the market are 20cmx20cm, 25cmx25cm, 30cmx30cm, 40cmx40cm, and 50cmx50cm. All these sizes can be combined so that the floor of the house looks beautiful and stunning.

  • 2. Ceramics have a variety of textures, from smooth and smooth to coarse. The rough texture of the ceramic comes from lines that extend like fibers. There are even ceramics designed to resemble woven bamboo. This type of coarse ceramic is suitable for wet areas, such as bathrooms, terraces, and pool edges. This texture can also be used to beautify the walls of the house.

3. Various kinds of ceramic motifs, ranging from wood grain, grains of sand and others. However, along with technological developments, ceramics can be designed in any way, even the face of the home owner can be applied to ceramics.

4. The availability of different colors varies, at first the colors of the existing ceramics were white, gray and brown. But now there are almost all color choices, ranging from evening orange, orange orange and leaf green. The many color choices of this ceramic make it usable as a substitute for paint.

Tips Before Buying Ceramics

Before buying ceramics, you must have basic knowledge so you don’t go wrong in choosing the right type of ceramic. The following will provide technical tips on buying ceramics that suit your needs.

  1. Choose a ceramic that matches the interior theme of your home. This theme will make it easier for you to choose the type of ceramic, such as shape, color, texture and pattern. For example, if the interior theme of your home is ethnic, then you can choose natural stone ceramic motifs or natural fibers.

2. In ordering the number of ceramics, always add 10% -15% of the amount needed. This is intended to anticipate damage during installation. It can also be used to create unique mounting patterns.

3. Consider the following 3 things before ordering a tile: floor surface area, installation method, and installation plan or pattern.