Men’s Plus-Size Fashion Styling Tips

Men’s Plus-Size Fashion Styling Tips

The world of fashion is ever-evolving, and inclusivity is at the forefront. Plus-sized men seem to be neglected within the world of fashion, and while women are being empowered with their curves, men seem to be an afterthought. But all the while, they deserve to feel and look more confident in their clothing choices.

If you’re a plus-sized man looking to enhance your style, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable fashion styling tips to help you look and feel your best.

Embrace Well-fitting Clothing

The key to dressing stylishly as a plus-sized man is to start with well-fitting clothing. Avoid clothes that are too tight; they can create discomfort and consistent adjustments while accentuating areas you may want to minimise.

Equally, avoid overly baggy clothes, as they can be unflattering. Seek out garments that fit comfortably but still provide a defined silhouette. This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate heavyweight hoodies into your wardrobe; just ensure they’re well-fitted and not too oversized.

Dark Colours

Shades like black, navy, charcoal, and dark brown are incredibly slimming and have a natural tendency to conceal any problem areas. You can incorporate these colours into your wardrobe easily, from heavyweight tracksuits to formal shirts for a perfect slimming effect if that is what you want to go for.

This, in the same breath, comes to my next point.

Avoid Colour Overload

A lot of men don’t care for the slimming effect and wish to be bold, confident and beautiful, so those who wish to incorporate more colour into their wardrobe should avoid matching colours that may clash. No one wants to call the fashion police, which may draw some unwanted attention.

Follow Plus-Sized Style Icons

Another way to draw inspiration for what would look good on you is to follow a range of plus-sized influencers that seem to be one step ahead of the trends. This can inspire your outfits and allow you to get more creative with your everyday outfits.

Additionally, it can give you a well-deserved confidence boost when it comes to buying new clothes and trying on new styles.

As an additional tip, look at plus-sized fashion accounts; they can provide you with links from several shops that could be of interest, removing the tireless search for the perfect holiday outfits and the rest.

Vertical Patterns

Vertical patterns, such as pinstripes, can elongate your appearance, making them perfect for all shapes and sizes. These patterns tend to draw the eye up and down, creating the illusion of a taller and slimmer frame while being extremely fashionable.

Consider incorporating vertical elements into your wardrobe through shirts, ties and suits.

Tailored, Tapered Trousers

When it comes to bottoms, arguably tapers are the best cut to get. Avoid skinny jeans; although you might think fit is better, they are not the most fashionable or flattering. Instead, go for tailored and tapered trousers; this will not only make you comfortable but will also look a lot better.