Learn some fun facts about pests and pest control

Learn some fun facts about pests and pest control

The names of the creepy crawlies might send chills to your spine or irk you away, but many fun facts will make you smile, and you will also feel that they are cute. But on a serious note, if you have pests living rent-free in your home, then you need to hire a pest control service to terminate them. There is great pest control in Leander, TX, ensuring your house is free from pests. However, have a look at the fun facts:

  • Playing guitar attracts not only girls who are human but also female spiders. Well! Male spiders are often plush the cobweb strings like guitar strings to attract the female spider. Plucking the cobweb strings makes a low-frequency noise that attracts the female spiders. 
  • Ants are famous for their hard work and group work. But did you know they do not sleep for their entire lifespan? So you are not the only night owl in your house. The ants are there for some late-night chat sessions too.
  • Fleas are hard to detect as they can move from one place to the other by jumping. They can jump 130 times their height. 
  • A mug of beer in the summers is not just alluring to you, but cockroaches too! Cockroaches, especially American ones, are attracted to alcohol, and beer is their favorite. So next time you encounter a roach in your house, offer them beer. But if the sight scares you, call the pest control services. 
  • Most rodents prefer having plant-based food, nuts, seeds, etc. Their teeth are convenient for chewing through the toughness of the seeds and nuts, and also the wires of your house.

 Don’t want to be friends with the pest?

Pests are friendly but may leave you and feed on the leftover food, wires, furniture, etc. But if you do not want them in your house, you must call the pest control services. That might make you very rude toward them, but do not risk staying with them as they are carriers of various diseases.

Wrapping up

You can surely go for DIY pest control, but they won’t be that effective, and the pests will keep returning. So to get rid of them completely, hire a pest control service. Hiring a pest control service will save your time and labor.