Everything about Metal Zippers

Everything about Metal Zippers

Out of all the different types of zippers, metal zippers are probably the ones you can often see because of their popularity and durability, making them ideal for different applications.

Metal zippers are durable, elegant, soft, and strong. Some of their most common uses and applications include casual clothes, down jackets, high-end jackets, jeans, leather clothing, ski jacket, winter clothes, and more.

The teeth of these metal zippers are typically made from aluminum, copper-nickel alloy, zinc alloy materials, or copper. Unlike resin zippers and plastic teeth zippers, metal zippers are more expensive and more durable. These are more often used for jeans, backpacks, and jackets.

Things to Consider When Buying Metal Zippers

When shopping for metal zippers, there are several things that you should pay attention to. The following points are important to remember before you buy and use any metal zipper:

1. See to it that you choose the right metal zipper depending on the specific products where you plan to use them, whether it is clothing, footwear, bag, tent, or jeans. You also need to note if you will wash these products with water or other special cleaning products. It is also imperative to consider other special requirements.  

2. The shape of the pull head of metal zippers can vary. The finished products can be delicate and small, or magnificent and rough. However, it doesn’t matter what type of pull head you have, it is a must to check if the pull of the pull head feels comfortable and easy.

You also need to check if you can pull the zipper open and close smoothly. Most of the zippers today feature a self-locking device so you have to check if the zipper will still slide down even after you fixed the lock.

3. The lower and upper stop must closely clamp and buckle on the tooth to ensure that it is durable, secure, and strong.

4. Since the raw materials of metal zipper tapes are made up of polyester, silk, and many others, it is only expected that their weight and color may also vary. When choosing the cloth tape, it is a must to make sure that the cloth tape has been dyed uniformly with no ugly patches. It is also recommended to ensure that the cloth tape is also soft to touch.

5. The teeth of metal zippers are also plated with color, so it is also a must to check if the plating color on the surface is also uniform. Check if there are any defects in the dyeing and if the metal zipper is smooth every time you pull the zipper up and down. Be sure to pull the zipper together and inspect if the tooth bites one another securely. The use of the zipper will be affected if the zipper teeth are asymmetrical.

Disadvantages of Metal Zippers

Metal teeth tend to fall off and shift easily compared to other types of zippers. These zippers are also more expensive because of the higher cost of raw materials used for their production.