12 Best Italian Sunglasses Brands

12 Best Italian Sunglasses Brands

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Italian eyewear brands are the best in the world.

Whether you are after a unique statement piece or a trendy retro design, there is a frame for every face.

Why Italian sunglasses brands?

Italian brands convey style, prestige, and an air of luxury.

This is no pure coincidence as Italy boasts a long tradition in arts, poetry, architecture, design, and in general craftsmanship.

Italy has grown in the number of goods sold online. E-commerce in Italy in this modern world has allowed many online shopping businesses to thrive.

There are various shopping stores online. The reviews online help one to be able to know more about the goods they want to buy.

The best part is that there are marketplaces where you can find a variety of items from different brands. However, when you’re dealing with marketplaces make sure to read their reviews because you are not getting the product from the manufacturer but a retailer.

Suggestively, you may read some reviews aboutIvrose and if you are satisfied with their customer feedback, you will be able to make a good purchase decision. There are many different brands of sunglasses in Italy:

1.  Trussardi

For over a hundred years, the brand is known for its symbolic greyhound icon has been the expression of the commitment of a family that has retained Milanese identity and has made Italian style popular throughout the world.

These glasses are eye-catching and fashionable.

2.  Salice

This is an Italian sports brand. A complete line of sports glasses and goggles.

Denotes particular attention to design and continuous technological innovation to improve the performance of athletes and offer cutting-edge products for those who practice outdoor activities.

The Salice products are guaranteed by the Italianness of the product, fully made in Italy.

3.  Gucci

Influential, innovative and progressive, Gucci is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion.

Under the new vision of creative director Alessandro Michele, the house has redefined luxury for the 21st century, further reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most desirable fashion houses.

4.  Web eyewear.

This is the legendary Italian sunglasses brand inspired by the thirties and the dream of flying.

Web Eyewear has evolved from this legendary story intent on capturing the trendiest and most brightly coloured fashion forward styles without however forgetting its past.

5.  Blackfin

No list is complete without this one.

Blackfin is more than an eyewear brand. It’s pledged to deliver masterpieces that combine style, technology, and top-notch engineering.

Every product is made in Italy and crafted with exceptional technology and high quality. Each pair of eyewear is light yet incredibly strong.

6.  Tavat.

Tavat pushes the boundaries of optical design with edgy frames, technologically advanced lenses, trademarked hinges, and built-to-last incredible.

This is Italian designer eyewear at its best.

7.  L.G.R

Luck Gnecchi Ruscone set out to change the world of optics when he stumbled upon a box of old sunglasses in his grandfather’s optical shop in Africa in 2005.

L.G.R Was determined to begin his production of these handcrafted authentic frames. The products are entirely handmade in Italy by three Italian art is anal families.

Each frame is thoughtfully designed, carefully, and beautifully finished while presenting Italian heritage.

8.  Res/ Rei

Handmade in Italy with love, that is how their products are introduced to the world. Each distinctive design is combined with artisanal craftsmanship which makes Res Rei truly deserving of its name: The thing.

It is definitely ‘the thing’ to wear when you are looking for handcrafted skills and one of a kind style.

9.  Vanni

Vanni is the cutting edge of creative eyewear. A spark of genius duly is mixed with culture and style.

 This is a distillation of 25 years of research and experiment. These stylish sunglasses scream Italian.

10.              Emporio Armani

It is known for its high-end products and accessories, such as watches. This brand is a sub-label of Giorgio Armani, which is where the inspiration of these quality items began.

Their glasses are a luxury brand, the products are high-quality brands that are going to feature styles that are current, beautiful, and perfect for a range of theatres that want something that is of high quality and well made.

11.              Prada

This Italian icon is well known for its luxurious and elaborate design contribution to the fashion sector. 

Prada’s sophisticated eyewear range has been a leader in the industry for many years due to impeccable make, distinctive looks, and timeless appeal.

12.              Versace

Everybody loves Versace. A symbol of elegance and class.

This is an Italian heritage brand known for bold prints and sharp, intricate designs. This brand is just as dominant today as it was 20 years ago.

Versace accessories are not unique statement pieces but a part of future fashion history.

Italian sunglasses brands are more than just products, they deliver an experience. Order an Italian sunglass brand today to get a large experience of their remarkable lenses.