Why customer reviews are so impactful

Why customer reviews are so impactful

The customer review section is a way to leave both negative and positive feedback for potential customers to read and examine. The following blog will explore why customer reviews are so essential, how a customer review can impact your business, how negative reviews can impact your business, and what to do if you receive a negative review. Moreover, sites such as the Best review website encourage customers to express their feedback and leave reviews. Moreover, if you have never heard of a company, for example, ShopTo, you may ask yourself, is shopto legit, and the customer review section is ideal for answering that question. 

Why customer reviews are so critical

With shopping online becoming increasingly popular, many potential customers look for companies’ review sections to gain insight into who the company is, if the company is reliable and trustworthy, if there are any negative reviews, if the products are of high quality, and you are getting your money’s worth. The customer review section plays such an intricate role in customers’ buying decisions that 93% of online shoppers look at the review section before making any purchases. Moreover, 47% of customers spread positive feedback, and an alarming 95% spread negative feedback and experience. Furthermore, studies have shown that customers want to see a review section on your website and are interested in learning about the smallest details regarding your products in product reviews.  

How can customer reviews impact your business?

Although one might not think that a customer review section plays an intricate role in having a business, one may be surprised at the power a review section holds. Research has shown that 79% of customers rely on customer reviews as much as they would rely on personal recommendations. Furthermore, a review section can encourage and boost sales by 18% as it gives new customers confidence in trusting your business and your services. Moreover, reviews can also increase and optimise your search engineresults on Google. This is due to Google considering your review section when showcasing results for searches. Lastly, your review section can also entice a conversation, causing you to get more interaction and attraction.

How negative reviews impact your business

Although everyone loves to receive positive and glowing reviews, some may receive a negative review here and there. Unfortunately, negative reviews often hold more power than positive ones do. For example, 86% of customers will not purchase from a company with negative reviews on its website. In addition, customers are often more likely to share their negative reviews than positive ones. When customers write negative reviews, they often use words such as “disappointing”, “disappointment”, and “disappointed” in fact, these exact words have over 20,000 search results. This can further deterpotential customers from purchasing your products and services.

How to navigate negative reviews

Receiving negative feedback is something that many companies have had to get used to. However, while you cannot avoid negative feedback, how you respond to it can say a lot about yourself and your company’s actions. For example, if you receive negative feedback, read it carefully and honestly ask yourself whether this is an issue and how you can rectify it. Furthermore, respond promptlyto the review. One can either respond online or offline. However, it may be advised to do so offline. When responding, it’s recommended that one waits a few hours before responding to allow the customer and themselves to cool off.

A review section is an essential part of having a thriving business. Therefore, it is imperative to respond to your reviews, especially negative ones.