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What To Do If You Can’t Meet Someone In Person

Admit it; the pandemic has distanced relatives and family members. It has become difficult to meet your dear ones, and if there is a lockdown, you cannot leave your house, let alone travel to far-off places to meet and greet someone. However, life must go on, and you should stay connected with all those who matter to you the most. Celebrate life as, despite all the difficulties, it is a blessing to cherish.

Cruise through these ideas that give you insight into what to do when you cannot meet someone personally.

  1. Video Call: Video calls let you witness the person and their gesture. Video calls give you the feeling that you are there with the person. It somewhat fills the void of not being able to be with the person. Frequently you can make video calls to your relatives. Many calling applications have group video call features where many people can talk and laugh together at the same time. It’s like a virtual festival.
  • Sending Texts: We all do this. We all are aware. A regular text message can ensure that your relationships are maintained. To the receiver, it gives a sense of belonging and a feeling that they are remembered. It takes just a few seconds to drop a message and ask about the person’s whereabouts.
  • Social Media Connection: Everyone has a social media account. Though not everyone is upfront and socializing much, some like to keep it private. But, social media is a great medium to connect with people across the world. Not only connect but reconnect and re-establish connections. You can be friends again with your childhood friend if you have lost touch. You can stay associated with people from any corner of the world. Social media is a powerful tool, if not misused.
  • Send Gifts: This is one way to make someone happy. Gifting gesture is a way to make someone feel that they are deeply loved and revered. If you cannot give a person a token in his/her hand, you can opt for gift delivery in Mumbai or any other place. It would do the magic for the recipient. You can choose gifts that would help you convey your messages, such as personalised ones or telepathy lamps. You can send a handwritten message along with lines that would make the person feel good and give respite from the “I am missing him/her episode.”
  • Join Virtual Classes: There is a person or two with whom you share hobbies and passion. You both can join online classes and stay connected. Most of the classes happen over video conferencing applications where you can meet with your friends and even make new friends. There is an opportunity to see each other, talk about the interest you both share, and spend time doing something productive.
  • Virtual Dates: Yes, it’s a thing now. Everyone knows about it. There are virtual dating apps where you can meet with prospective lovers. You can sign up, swipe the person you like, connect and start having a conversation. You can share media like videos and pictures with each other to curb the distances between you and the other person. You can find love anywhere and even on apps. You never know; you might be lucky.
  • Send pictures and videos: This is a fun way to rekindle relationships and spark the fire in them. You can send pictures and videos to your family members and friends. If you are living away from your parents, record and send them your routine. They will feel as if they are living with you. Ask your friends to send pictures after a long time just for a glimpse.
  • Watch movies/web series together: If you are a Netflix user, you should know there is a Netflix Party feature. This feature allows you to watch movies or web series with your distant friends, family members, and relatives. You can simultaneously watch, pause, and resume. You can even chat with your members while watching. The whole idea will make you feel like you are sitting in the same room and watching. Grab popcorn and beverages for vibes.

If you truly want to stay connected with your relatives, there is no stopping. No pandemic or restriction can keep you apart. It’s purely a matter of choice. These ideas will surely help you in your journey to stay close.