3 Timeless Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

3 Timeless Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

Whilst modern engagement rings are the right choice for some couples, other people prefer to opt for something vintage. There are so many benefits to choosing a vintage engagement ring, as you often get far better value for money, the craftsmanship is unparalleled and there is a depth of history that you don’t get with modern equivalents.

So, we have put together a guide of 3 timeless vintage engagement ring styles to help you decide whether a vintage engagement ring is the right choice for you and your partner!


One of the most famous vintage jewellery eras of all time is the Victorian era, remaining as some of the most recognisable and iconic pieces of all time. These rings were usually very intricate and decorative with a large central gemstone. It was common to see more smaller gemstones surrounding the larger one, known as a cluster design, creating a breathtaking design that has been appreciated for centuries.

Yellow gold was the most commonly used metal, often combined with stunning diamonds, emeralds or rubies. Additionally, the Victorian era was way prior to any kind of mass production, so the craftsmanship that went into creating Victorian engagement rings enables the fantastic longevity. For a bold design featuring stunning gemstones and a depth of history, a Victorian engagement ring could be for you.

Art Deco

The Art Deco period fully embodied luxury, glamour and modernism, as the economy was rebuilding following World War 1 and anti-traditional consumerism took off. Art Deco jewellery reflected this fully, with sleek and non-traditional pieces being crafted that took the world by storm.

Technological developments were exponential during this period, meaning that the possibilities when it came to creating jewellery were massively expanded. Art Deco engagement rings were typically made out of white metals, mostly platinum or white gold, as opposed to previous eras when yellow gold was most commonly seen.

Additionally, these rings were extremely bold and a true work of art. Clean lines and vibrant coloured gemstones were regularly featured, with geometry being a huge inspiration. Gone were the soft curves seen previously and in came striking and structured pieces that became extremely iconic.

The fact that Art Deco engagement rings reflect art, freedom and non-traditional values is a huge draw for some people. That is without beginning to consider how stunningly beautiful they are. If your partner has a bold sense of style and likes to take risks, then an Art Deco engagement ring would be perfect.


Last but not least is the Retro period, which refers to the era between the 1940’s and 1960’s. Continuing from the rule-breaking nature of Art Deco jewellery, the Retro period tested boundaries. Although silver did maintain its dominance, yellow gold also made a major comeback. 

Bold clothing patterns were popular in this period, which was strongly reflected in jewellery. For example, in the 1950’s ballerina rings were created, which were inspired by the shape of a ballerina’s tutu and it aimed to stimulate the movement of a ballerina dancing. This is just one of the iconic shapes that are still circulating and highly appreciated today.

This era continued to break rules with graceful yet bold pieces, making this era exceptionally popular when it comes to choosing a vintage engagement ring.


So, there you have it! 3 timeless vintage engagement ring styles that will last for generations to come. For something slightly different, vintage engagement rings are the right direction to go in.